since 1988 


Tang Shiang Enterprise Co. (TSEC), founded in 1988, is an anti-corrosion professional company specializing in the underground pipeline cathodic protection, engineering design and construction.

 TSEC is also an exclusive agent of many global brands of cathodic protection. Our company provides a wide array of anti-corrosion products, CP engineering materials such as rectifier/transformer, all kinds of anode, reference electrode, test station, detection equipment and onshore/offshore pipeline corrosion materials for industry use.

We own a team of well-trained professional technicians, who are NACE qualified (American Association of anti-corrosion) to help our clients’ needs. They are regularly participate in foreign technical seminars and global exhibitions related to anti-corrosion domains, and continue to cooperate with foreign technicians and professors in order to keep start of the art. 

TSEC continues work with the global best partners to acquire new knowledge, advanced technology and materials, providing the industry's latest anti-corrosion information about engineering technology and pipeline corrosion materials. Through continuous research and development, innovation, training and knowledge management, TSEC becomes one of its kind in the industry offering an end to end solutions that starts with materials selection, inspection, construction, analysis and troubleshooting delivered by professional team.

We lead the industry to solve many problems in engineering and materials such as pipeline corrosion, improve the safety of pipeline as well as economic efficiency. Consequently, we have earned our reputations and have been recognized in the industry for years.