CP Cables


HALAR cathodic protection cable from Performance Wire and Cable is made of a fluoropolymer insulation that exhibits superior chemical resistance. Made with dual insulation, HALAR wire can be used in any situation where chlorine and hydrogen gases are present. Our HALAR cable is made with a primary layer, which is most resistant to chlorine, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid – ensuring great protection and resistance. Following the primary layer is a high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) insulation, which provides pliable strength and allows considerable abuse during installation. The HMWPE jacketing provides mechanical protection as well. HALAR cathodic protection cable is available in sizes 8 AWG through 1/0 AWG.

HALAR Applications and Specifications:

  • HALAR / HMWPE cables are used as deep anode lead wires where chlorine and hydrogen gases are generated
  • The cable can be directly installed in fresh, brackish, or salt waters
  • Conductors are stranded bare or tinned copper conductor conforms to ASTM Spec B-3 and B-8
  • Primary installation is a homogeneous 20 mil wall of natural ECTFE fluoropolymer (HALAR) shall be extruded around the conductor
  • Jacket is a 65 mil wall of high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) shall be extruded around the primary insulation
  • The jacket conforms to ASTM Spec D 1248
  • For identification purpose the cable shall be surface printed with: “Manufacturer name Conductor size AWG, HALAR / HMWPE CATHODIC PROTECTION CABLE”
Conductor Nominals (In.)  
AWG Strand Dia  Cir Mils HALAR HMWPE Dia Wgt/MFT DC Ohms 
8 7 0.146 16,522 0.020 0.065 0.316 81 0.645
0.184  26,218 0.020  0.065  0.354  116  0.407 
0.232  41,718 0.020  0.065  0.402  170  0.256 
0.292  66,407 0.020  0.065  0.462  254  0.160